Apa Pertimbangan Masyarakat Berasuransi Syariah di Jabodetabek?

Tati Handayani, Fitri Yetty, Prima Dwi Priyatno


The presence of sharia insurance becomes one of the choices of muslim community in investing, because insurance as one of the investment ways to face risks in the future. The success of sharia insurance companies are cannot be neglected from the participation of people in understanding the importance of taking sharia insurance. The research aims to discover and analyzing factors that can influence people's perception of using Islamic insurance. The research method used is quantitative descriptive analysis. For population and sample are Jabodetabek community. This method uses Convenience Sampling Technique, and the data analysis uses Partial Least Square (PLS). This research shows that the most important factor which is influencing the community in deciding to take Sharia insurance is the level of understanding of sharia continued with the level of product quality, but it can be seen that the premium and promotion indicators are still less known by the respondent. So, the insurance company need to be more socialize sharia insurance to the public


premium, contribution, product, promotion, sharia, sharia insurance

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35836/jakis.v8i1.104


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