Apakah Kepercayaan Muwakif Ditentukan oleh Akuntabilitas Pengelolaan Wakaf Tunai dan Peran Nadzir ?

Agus Sulaeman, Ai Nur Bayinah, Roni Hidayat


This study aims to analyze the influence of accountability in cash waqf management and role of nadzir towards level of muwakif trust in Indonesia. This research type is quantitative research using a survey method with the correlation approach. The data used are primary data by spreading the questionnaires to 100 muwakif in Indonesia. samples were taken by using random sampling techniques. Analysis data used to test the hypotheses using multiple linear regression analysis. The results of this study stated that the variable of accountability in cash waqf management and role of nadzir have a positive effect and significant on the level of muwakif trust in Indonesia, Therefore to increase the muwakif trust, nadzir institutions must increase information dissemination, honesty, punctuality, according to ethical standards and laws, clear targets, and easy access to information. Also, the role of nadzir in carrying out their duties must be increased, like the responsibility for collecting and managing cash waqf, the efficiency of the program and the budget, the rationalization between the draft budget and the program to be implemented


Accountability In Cash Waqf Management; Role of Nadzir; Level of Muwakif Trust

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35836/jakis.v8i1.129


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